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Another figure I came with while playing at random.

1. Opening A.

2. Insert indexes into little finger loops from above. Keeping them pointed downward, pull near little finger strings, and far index strings, toward you, and then insert indexes into thumb loops from above. Straighten indexes with a half-twist away from you and up, picking up far thumb strings (but being careful not to pick up far little finger string).

3. Bend indexes away from you and down, behind far little finger string. Keeping indexes bent down, insert middle fingers into index loops from above. beside index fingers.

4. Pinch near thumb string between index and middle fingers, and with a half-turn away from you and up, take near thumb string onto indexes, allowing original index-middle-finger loops to slip off.

5. Press middle fingers tightly against indexes, to help hold near index string taught. Release thumbs, and holding near index strings tight and little finger strings loosely, gently seesaw the figure back and forth while gently pulling little fingers away from each other, until the "bridge deck" comes over the top of the figure and down the front side.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Odds & Ends