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Two Men Hauling on a Sled

I like the tug-of-war effect of this figure.

1. Opening A.

2. Insert indexes from above into thumb loops. Pick up near thumb string and return. Release thumb loops.

3. Pass thumbs under index loops. Pick up (double) far index strings and return under near index strings. Release index loops.

4. Insert indexes into little finger loops from above. Pick up far little finger string and return. Release little finger loops.

5. Insert little fingers from below into thumb loops, and then from below into index loops. Hook them over near index string, pull it down through thumb loops, and clasp it to palms.

6. Insert middle fingers from below into index loops. Then bend index and middle fingers toward you and down, so that indexes are on the near side of straight near thumb string, and middle fingers are inside thumb loops. Pinch straight near thumb string between them, and with a half-twist away from you and up, pick up straight near thumb string with indexes (allowing original index loops to slip off). Release former straight near thumb string from thumbs (keeping other thumb loops on thumbs).

7. Transfer right thumb loop to left thumb. Then insert right thumb from below into both left thumb loops, and return. Let the strings hang somewhat loose.

8. Insert thumbs into index loops (close to indexes) from below, and return with near index strings. Then remove (double) lower thumb loops from thumbs, past new upper thumb loops. Release index loops.

This is [Jenness 1924]'s figure XII. The same figure, with slightly different openings, is found in [Mary-Rousselière 1969] (figure 91, "NOQITTORJÛK - Ceux qui tirent à la corde," i.e., Those Who Pull on the Rope) and [Averkieva 1992] (figure 70, "Kelp").

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Odds & Ends