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I came up with this figure one day while randomly fiddling with my string. I'm not sure what it represents...maybe a rabbit? A totem pole mask? Two stovepipe hats? Sunset on Tatooine (with rays)?

1. Opening A.

2. Insert indexes into little finger loops from above. Keeping them pointed downward, pull near little finger strings, and far index strings, toward you, and then insert indexes into thumb loops from above. Straighten indexes with a half-twist away from you and up, picking up far thumb strings (but being careful not to pick up far little finger string).

3. Insert thumbs into index loops from below. Press down on far index strings, allowing original thumb loops to slip off.

4. Keeping far index strings pressed underneath them, pass thumbs under far little finger strings. Pick up far little finger strings, and return through index loops, picking up former near thumb string on the way through, and releasing far index strings from thumbs.

5. Pass little fingers over near index strings, and into their own loops from above. Clasp near index strings to palms with little fingers, letting original little finger loops slip off.

6. Release index loops (you may need to push them off with other fingers).

7. Arrange thumb loops so that the near thumb string that goes straight from thumb to thumb with no other strings looping over it, is the uppermost thumb string. Then remove lower thumb loops from thumbs, past upper loops.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Odds & Ends